This informative notice is issued by the owner of the data treatment of FiveRocks Capital SA – Swiss company with registered office in Via Pascolett 41, 6537 Grono, Switzerland, with reg. no. CH-501.3.012.985-0 (hereinafter “5R”) – to the user of the websites owned or managed by 5R, or other online or offline services carried out by 5R (hereinafter “Users”) with reference to their own personal data treatment (hereinafter “Data”).



5R does not take Users’ Data – i.e. information that allows to identify them – unless the Users themselves expressly decide so, at the moment of registration to a website or service carried out by 5R, for instance to purchase goods or services, or in order to receive periodical communications (e.g., newsletters) on the part of 5R. Authorisation for use of some Data, expressly indicated as such, is compulsory in order to use the requested service or to purchase the requested good, whereas with reference to other Data the user can choose whether to communicate it or not to 5R.



Treatment of data is performed on written documents (forms, etc.) and with the help of electronic media by 5R’s own employees or collaborators, specifically assigned to the task. The treatment can be assigned to people who have been appointed responsible for it: in order to obtain a list of their names, with reference to his/her own Data, the User can e-mail the following address:



Gathering and treatment of data are mainly aimed at allowing the user to use the requested services or to purchase the requested goods, as well as, where applicable, to regulate contractual and/or economical relationships. Those types of treatment work on a tacit agreement basis, since 5R must use the Data in order to fulfil a request of the User. Only with the interested party consent, will the data be used to send the users information concerning the owner’s activity and his/her initiatives, courses, materials, etc., as well as information on third parties which are the owner’s partners, which may also receive communication of that data. Data will not be spread, nor communicated, unless to fulfil specific instructions of the authority in charge, or to fulfil legal obligations.



At any moment, by sending an e-mail to 5R at:, each User may:

  • ask for confirmation of the presence or absence of Data concerning him/her;
  • ask for information about Data and aims and methods of their treatment by 5R;
  • ask for erasure, blocking, update, editing and integration of their own Data;
  • oppose to their own Data treatment for business, advertising or market research purposes.



5R does not take responsibility for Data treated by third parties, which the User 5R could be advised to access, that is, which the User can access by clicking on a link on a site owned or managed by 5R. Users should pay the utmost attention whenever connecting to websites which require products or services of third parties, since 5R cannot check – and can neither intervene on – commercial or privacy matters of those third parties. The User can, moreover, decide to register to a 5R product or service through social networks; in such cases, User’s Data are communicated to 5R and managed by it, according to methods which regulate the relationships between the User and those social networks, other than according to the terms of this informative note.